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April 21, 2011

my so called life


you know how ke$ha wakes in the morning and feels like p diddy? well i woke up this morning and felt like rayanne graff. i think i’ve been watching far too much my so called life on netflix… anyways rayanne is by far my favorite character and her style is so wild and unique. it’s not only her clothes but the attitude she wears the clothes with that makes her crazy combinations work. this outfit and hairstyle is my interpretation of what rayanne would wear but obviously its pretty toned down. this is my first time wearing this granny sweater and i’m lovin it! its comfortable and warm and the subtle leaf and botanical designs really make it. so here’s to being rayanne


sweater: sigrid olsen via goodwill
tshirt: target
pants: banana republic via goodwill
shoes: steve madden
ring: my mom’s high school ring
nail polish: essie

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