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April 21, 2014

resurrection day 2014

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easter this year was pretty spectacular! the night before, i made cookies with my roommates then i made flower crowns with some other friends. easter morning, a bunch of us put on our easter best and helped serve at church. i think one of the best compliments i’ve received in a while is that i “looked like the bride of Christ”. i’ve been reading this momentary marriage by john piper with my roommates which talks about how we as the church are the bride of Christ which made the compliment especially sweet. after church, we had a picnic on the top floor of our school’s coffee shop and ate lunch and fellowshipped. a few of us left lunch early to attend evensong at the minster which was such a wonderful experience. the music was heavenly and the sermon was fantastic. i went to dinner at a fancy fish restaurant in town with my friend ingliv then came home and ate our easter chocolate and reflected on this amazing day. but what made this day most special is that it celebrates Jesus’s resurrection from the dead. i am writing a paper on this topic for my apologetics class so it is especially near and dear to my heart this easter. the fact that the Son of God died for my sins then rose again will never cease to blow my mind. i hope this ‘easter state of mind’ won’t just be something i meditate on during easter but the whole year around.

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