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December 13, 2014

my semester in snapshots

I survived my first semester in DAAP! I loved every minute of it but honestly, it is such a sigh of relief that I have conquered the first semester of the next five years of my life. when people say my program is hard, they aren’t kidding! i just got finished with ‘hell week’, which is the official name for finals week in my program and it was rough. we had huge, time consuming project after project due, then we had our final reviews in each class then our process portfolio, which encompassed all three studio classes then the end of semester show. on top of that, i’ve had papers for my literature class and plans to make for next semester and next year and it was all so overwhelming. but now its over and my last paper made its way to my professor last night and i’ve been chilling out with friends in cedarville for the past few days. i have some posts planned that I finally have time to put together that will be coming at you over the next few weeks but for now, i’ll leave you with a few pictures from my semester

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