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October 14, 2009

about my blog

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hello all! my name is hayley and i’m a design student from southern california. i have lived in four different countries (america, england, france and new zealand) in three years and i’m finally ‘settling down’ for a new adventure in art school in ohio. i adore Jesus Christ and He is my Lord and Savior. i enjoy simplicity, traveling, baking, film photography, adventures, healthy food, yoga, the 1960s, folk music and techno beats, sunrises, blogging, reading, crafting, creating, dancing, designing and living life.
this started as a fashion blog but as i have grown up and regular outfit photos have become impractical, this blog has developed into more of a lifestyle blog that documents my day to day life, likes and interests as well as a log of my travels and adventures. this is my little niche on the internet and i post whenever inspiration strikes. enjoy!


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