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October 10, 2015

fall in cincinnati + an update

it feels like a lifetime since I’ve written here and so much has happened in such a short time. I’ve finished my first year of industrial design, have a wonderful boyfriend, survived summer school at Art Center in Pasadena, prepared a portfolio and had my first professional job interview. I cannot believe it’s been a year since I started DAAP or joined a sorority but it’s been such a full, blessed year. I’m not gonna promise I’ll update here regularly but I’m gonna try to post more often!
in other news, isn’t that picture of Cincinnati with the bright colours and leaves changing just wonderful? it’s getting chillier and sweater weather is around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited for my favorite time of year to begin.


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December 13, 2014

my semester in snapshots

I survived my first semester in DAAP! I loved every minute of it but honestly, it is such a sigh of relief that I have conquered the first semester of the next five years of my life. when people say my program is hard, they aren’t kidding! i just got finished with ‘hell week’, which is the official name for finals week in my program and it was rough. we had huge, time consuming project after project due, then we had our final reviews in each class then our process portfolio, which encompassed all three studio classes then the end of semester show. on top of that, i’ve had papers for my literature class and plans to make for next semester and next year and it was all so overwhelming. but now its over and my last paper made its way to my professor last night and i’ve been chilling out with friends in cedarville for the past few days. i have some posts planned that I finally have time to put together that will be coming at you over the next few weeks but for now, i’ll leave you with a few pictures from my semester

 photo 84E68440-C08D-4A2C-944E-9C5C8659985E_zpsc6eerixk.jpgC7630F73-E518-44FD-81A1-30818F14793D_zpsexm5muobB07D9215-7DBB-4DD6-84AE-4F48FDE2AF49_zpsb5rhfphn
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In life on
October 6, 2014

college update

hello people! I’m alive! sorry for the radio silence but college is crazy! my workload has been ridiculous and on top of that, I joined a sorority so time is definitely not something I have a lot of. goodness I feel like so much has happened since I’ve been here. in short, I LOVE it here! maybe you’ll ask me in a month/semester/year and my answer will be less positive but this is literally the happiest I’ve ever been! traveling for two years was fun and great and the experience of a lifetime but there is something about creating a life from scratch built around something you love that is so invigorating. I probably won’t have much time to post but I’ll try to update you when I can.

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July 14, 2014

cincinnati revisited + an announcement

i’ve been pretty quiet about my next step on social media but i’m finally ready to blog about it. i am happy to announce i have been accepted to the premiere college in the nation for my major and i couldn’t be more excited! this has been my dream school since i was seven years old and my friend’s father, a shoe designer for nike, told me it was his alma mater and the best place to study design! when i was a senior in high school and making the big decision of what schools to apply for, i visited university of cincinnati, along with ohio state and cedarville, where i eventually ended up. i was beyond impressed with uc’s industrial design program and the school in general but the art department was undergoing some big changes and it just didn’t feel right for me at the time. the program encourages so much independence that i don’t think my seventeen year old self was ready for. fast forward a few years and i finally decided to apply last summer. i knew i was a transfer student so it would be next to impossible to get in but God is a god of the impossible and if He wanted me there, i knew i would get in. after months and months of prolonged waiting, i got my acceptance email during my last week in york! it was bitter sweet because i knew my time in england was over but i am over the moon for what is next. i leave in august so i still have a little of summer to savor but i am counting down the days till we road trip out to ohio. while looking through an old hard drive, i found these pictures i took when i visited all those years ago. little did i know down the line, after i had already experienced a year of college, made so many amazing friends, learned another language and lived in three different countries, that i would be back as a student. God surely works in mysterious ways.

{my first memory of ohio}

{football stadium in the middle of campus!}

{inside the daap (design, art, architecture and planning) building}

{seventeen year old me // six story tall trophy case}

{classic ohio fast food}

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May 28, 2014

york graduation

at the end of every semester in bible college, there is a graduation ceremony. when i was in new zealand, we would dress up and go to mongolian bbq (my second semester graduation seen here). but in york, they throw a huge party and graduation ceremony complete with an epic semester video (watch it here), lots of food, awards and an all around great time. i absolutely adore these people so this was the perfect last hoorah to such an amazing semester. a few of my close friends graduated including andie, who i went to iraq with and justin, who was my street witnessing buddy. two of my closest friends, christine and allie, had to leave before the ceremony which was a real bummer but they both live in california so i’ll hopefully be seeing lots more of them this summer. here are a few pictures i managed to catch of this wonderful night and a few of the people that made this semester so memorable.

 photo HSO_4791.jpg
{ingliv! i love this girl more than words can express. i need to visit norway asap}

 photo HSO_4830.jpg
{the graduates… thanks danielle for looking at my camera}

 photo HSO_4810.jpg
{Anniina, my finish roommate! stupor stoked that we got an extra large glass of the world’s best punch}

 photo HSO_4824.jpg
 photo HSO_4832.jpg
{boston! probably one of the most fun and funniest girls i met this semester}

 photo HSO_4787.jpg
 photo HSO_4833.jpg
{10A! minus allie but she’s there in spirit}

 photo HSO_4782.jpg
 photo HSO_4836.jpg
{Chelsay! so blessed and encouraged by her friendship and leadership}

 photo HSO_4848.jpg
{these guys are hilarious!}

 photo HSO_4851.jpg
{i’ve known josh since elementary school! he’s working at the church this summer so he randomly showed up at graduation, complete with awesome mustache}

 photo HSO_4872.jpg
{two of my favorite guys! gonna miss studying at starbucks and 1&2 samuel class with them}

 photo HSO_4820.jpg
 photo HSO_4853.jpg
{Justin! so proud of him for graduating then being offered an teaching internship}

 photo HSO_4855.jpg
 photo HSO_4860.jpg
{Amy, our dean of women who is moving to LA soon! she is so precious and excited to be seeing more of her this summer}

 photo HSO_4821.jpg
{the tattoo crew}

 photo HSO_4867.jpg
{Mari! Ingliv’s sister and my favorite person to talk theology with}

 photo HSO_4823.jpg

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January 19, 2014

an update

hi everyone! i’m back! i took a break to focus on hanging out with my friends and family and to really be present during my time here at home. i actually haven’t even taken out my fancy camera but my new iPhone 5S is keeping up with me just fine. so much has changed lately but i’m definitely not complaining. first of all, i’m not going back to france! the program i was a part of had to be closed early but i’m grateful for the months i was able to spend in france. i had a great time and made so many beautiful friends and memories but i’m also excited to move on to what God has for me next. the exciting news is i will now be spending my next semester in york, england at bible college!! i have always loved england so i am really excited for this opportunity. though this is something i never expected, i see God’s hand in all of it and i’m really looking forward to these next few months.

concerning my blog, i decided to go back to an old layout. my newest layout was getting a little boring so i decided it was as good a time as any for a change! i also made my blog public again and i’m planning on posting more so stay tuned!