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August 7, 2013

it’s always a…

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today is my best friend casey’s 21st birthday! we’ve been through thick and thin together and have had so many fun times like exploring europe, staying out late on lakes in austria, open mic nights, heart to heart coffee dates and late night donut stops! she’s one of those people that makes life a party and her 21st bday party a few weeks back was no exception. it was a great gatsby themed party based on the movie (which i actually saw with her at midnight on my birthday a few months back). the party was a blast and i was so glad i could help with some of the decorations and snapping pics all night. it surely was a night to remember. happy birthday casey! here’s to many more fun times and great memories

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June 1, 2013


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happy june everyone! this is the best month of the year but i might be a little biased 😉 after an unintentional blog hiatus, i’m finally back! being home has been so nice and such a change of pace from life in new zealand! honestly, i’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing: just relaxing, catching up on some of my favorite tv shows (revenge and modern family), reading some great books and unpacking and its been glorious… well besides the unpacking part. i feel like i’ve been home months instead of 2 weeks. goodness time flies. besides all the ‘nothingness’ i’ve been doing, i got to see one of my favorite bands, daughter, perform at the troubadour and it was such a wonderful performance, saw one of my besties graduate (congrats christina!), had some fun adventures in la, eaten a lot of fruit, drank a lot of green smoothies and taken lots of beautiful walks by the beach. so far, this summer has been so good. summer, i like you. stay a while

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December 24, 2012


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since i’ve been back from new zealand, life has been quite the wild ride! this week has been a whirl of christmas shopping, meeting up with friends, hot yoga, christmas parties and fun times, as well as not so fun times like my computer breaking and having to make nerve-wracking decisions about my future. despite the insanity, this may have been one of the best weeks of my life! i cant help but to smile when i look back at my instagrams since i’ve been home. christmas has long been my favorite time of year but the older i get, the more i appreciate it for what i can give and my time with loved ones instead of what i get (i literally don’t even have a christmas list this year!). but ultimately, i love that this is a time of year to meditate on Jesus’ birth and love for us. that’s what makes christmas most meaningful to me. while it’s great to be away, there is nothing like coming home to friends and family after being abroad. little things like hanging with my mom, movie nights and coffee with friends, playing with my dog and sleeping in my own bed seem so much more special. i’m so blessed to have two places full of people and things i love.

*ps: as mentioned above, my computer broke right when i got home. its getting fixed right now but all the posts i planned for this week are pushed back till i’m reunited with my computer. i still have pics from my last few weeks in new zealand to post, as well as some posts of my adventures from this week but this iphone post will have to suffice till then.

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December 14, 2012

homeward bound


i can’t believe after such a crazy semester, its finally time to come home. these past few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun and memories. i kept pinching myself and thinking “it doesn’t get better than this”. last night, a few of us were playing games and listening to iron and wine and the lumineers and it was one of those moments you stop and just can’t help but to feel so content and blessed. these people have become like my family and with every goodbye, my heart breaks a little. thank God quite a few of us are coming back (including my awesome roommate) but its weird to think we won’t be a group again. we’ve all grown so much as people over the semester and it will be awesome to see where we are all at the next time we reunite. that being said, i’m so excited to come home! i’ve always loved home but the more i’m away, the more i appreciate it. coming home so soon before christmas, my favorite holiday, is just the icing on the cake. now i just have to conquer the 12 plus hour flight and i’ll be home free… literally

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October 30, 2012

life lately

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i’ve been posting a lot about my adventures and travels lately but not much about my everyday life. i just got back from a weekend in wellington (pictures to come) and before that, i had midterms so it’s been crazy and busy around here. there is never much internet but its been a nice change of pace. i never realized how vital Internet had become until I’ve had to do without it. simplified, my days normally consist of working out, breakfast, morning devotions with the whole school, classes, lunch, classes, chores, homework, dinner and more homework with a few dance parties, prayer meetings and hot tub gatherings thrown in the mix. i’ve learned its the little things, like unexpected market runs and 6am morning yoga and tea breaks during class, that make life truly great. most of my classes are studies through different books of the bible and im also taking new testament greek. I’ve been so blessed by my fellow students here (all 12 of them) and cliche as it sounds, we have become like one big family! if i had to sum up my time here so far in one word, it would be blessed. blessed by great fellowship, amazing trips and travels, yummy vegetarian food, fun friends, interesting classes, entertaining teachers, sunny sunday morning church by the beach, the beautiful campus I get to call home and most of all, an awesome God. life is good