January 13, 2017


i’m hayley and welcome to my little niche on the internet.

a bit about me: I started this blog in 2009 as a fashion blog but as i have grown and regular outfit photos have become impractical, this blog has developed into more of a lifestyle blog that documents my day to day life, whether it be my current likes and interests or my recent travels and adventures.

after high school, I took two years off to travel and got the opportunity to live in new zealand, france and england, as well as travel extensively, all of which i documented on this blog. my whole life, one of my great passions has been design so i applied for the university of cincinnati’s prestiges industrial design program and began attending classes in 2014. as a part of the program, i co-op, or intern, every other semester, which has currently led me to rhode island and upstate new york.

besides design and travel, i enjoy fashion, folk music, baking, calligraphy, photography, reading, good food and spending time with my friends, family and boyfriend, brendan.

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