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October 16, 2013

four years

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i just realized that this month, i’ve been writing this blog for four years! wow! though i’ve only been writing regularly for around two years, this blog has always been such a fun way to record my life, starting with fashion posts then to documenting my travels, my baking excursions and just the day to day of my life. i write this blog not so much for others to read (though you are all greatly appreciated) but more as a life log for myself. i mostly write this blog to try to capture fleeting memories in the ways i know best: through photos and words. i write this blog for the moments when some friends and i get lost in the woods in christchurch, new zealand. or for magical birthday celebrations with two of my best friends. or to commemorate my first summer job. or for my first thoughts when i arrived in new zealand. or to document my photos from the summer in europe that changed my life. or for my week spent in new york city after i broke up with my boyfriend over the phone which ended up being one of the best weeks of my life. or to remind myself that sometimes, it really is the little things that make life great. this blog holds so many memories because at the end of the day, thats what this blog is for. i’ve had many people ask me over the years why i blog. its hard to put into words exactly why i keep writing here but i know one thing. i blog to remember.

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September 16, 2013

going private

hey everyone! sorry for my extended blog leave! these past weeks have been crazy as i prepare to leave for france. we also had a health scare in the family (thank the Lord everything is fine now) and my external hard drive with my whole photo library broke once again but that is also all cleared up. after some time away from my blog, i’ve realized that due to my upcoming move to France and some recent privacy concerns, I’m making this blog private once i arrive in France. the internet can be a freaky place and just for precautions, i’m going private for the time being. maybe when I come back from France or once I get settled in, I might reopen it but for now, i believe this is for the best. if you want to be included on the reading list and keep reading about my adventures, please email me at or comment back your email address! thanks for understanding and hope to see you all around

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June 12, 2013

my favorite blog reader

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when i first started reading blogs, i would follow all my blogs through google reader. then i found bloglovin and never turned back. the interface feels more organized and the design was easier to understand. and bloglovin has an app for ipad and iphone which makes reading on the go all the easier! since google reader is closing down on july 1st, i think bloglovin is the way to go! here is a great tutorial on how to make the switch if you haven’t already and you can follow me on my bloglovin here.  happy blog reading!

//this wasn’t a sponsored post, just my personal opinion//
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May 5, 2013


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yesterday while helping my friend christina make a blog (yay), i got the itch to change my blog around again. i was getting tired of the green and i wanted something a bit more whimsical so when i stumbled on this template, i knew it was ‘the one’. fast forward one really late night and a whole bunch of html tweaks later and its finally almost done. so please excuse the minor hiccups that i’m still trying to work out and welcome to the new design

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September 17, 2012

happy hundred


this is my one hundredth post! this blog has been such an awesome way of documenting my day to day life. when i first started this blog, i never expected it to become more than a silly fashion blog but it has developed into so much more! blogging has become one of my favorite pastimes and stress relievers and i always look forward to putting together my thoughts and pictures for every post. it has been so interesting to see the content and posts of this blog develop as my life has changed! thanks for following me on this journey and look forward to many more posts to come

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April 2, 2012

to my followers


this blog officially has 100 followers! i don’t know who still reads this blog since i restarted but thanks so much for following! it means the world to me and its been such a joy to blog lately and i’ve really started to love it again. lets hope it sticks 🙂