January 13, 2017


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what are you studying in school?
I’m an industrial design major. Industrial design is designing products people use everyday, from cars to teapots to furniture. I’ve loved designing and drawing things my whole life so I’m so happy I found this career track.

why do you travel so much?
Because i like to! Well that is only half the reason. I studied in New Zealand for a year, which allowed me to see the Pacific Rim. After, I studied in France and England which allowed me to see more of Europe then again, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during college. Since i was growing up, my parents have always made traveling abroad a priority so I have been blessed to travel regularly and see some very beautiful places.

what are your favorite places you’ve traveled?
That’s a hard one! Big Sur in California is probably my favorite place I have ever been followed by the Ring of Kerry in Ireland, Paris, New York City, Florence, and Wellington in New Zealand.

you talk a lot about health. what’s your diet and exercise plan?
For the most part, I eat plant based foods but I also occasionally enjoy reasonably sourced fish and dairy products. I am anemic so I also eat beef for the time being until I get my iron levels sorted out. I was vegan and raw vegan for a while but now I just try to eat as healthy and sustainable as possible. For exercise, I don’t really have a set routine! I walk everywhere I can and I try to do lots of yoga and stretching. I also love hiking and cycling and hiit training.


what camera do you use?
As of Fall 2017, I use a Leica Q, which I adore. Before, I used a nikon d7000 for my digital photography and most of my early digital pictures were taken with a nikon d5000 with a kit lens. For film photography, I primarily a canon ae-1 but also play around with my blackbird fly toy camera and holga 120. My polaroids are from my instax mini and wide cameras. I’ve also been using my iphone 7 plus for a lot of my recent photos and i’m obsessed with it’s portrait mode.

what film do you use for your analog cameras?
My go-to film is fujifilm 400h. I recently tried portra 160 and fell in love with it. I will definitely be using it much more in the future. I also really like portra 400. I’ve tried a lot of other kinds of film too which much success but these are my go-tos.

how do you edit your photos?
When i do edit my digital photos, I use lightroom with vsco film or beautiful mess presets. I also use the vsco app for iphone.

{blog stuff}

who designed your website?
I bought a basic template on etsy from city house design and modified it quite a bit. I change my blog around quite a bit because I really enjoy webside design.

what font is your header?
I actually couldn’t find a font I liked so I designed my own.

what fonts do you use on your pictures?
I usually use kg hard candy or quicksand.

do you accept sponsorships?
I do sponsorships with companies or bloggers that i really believe in and that fit my blog’s aesthetic. Email me at hayleysolsen@gmail.com with questions or inquiries. Thanks!