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November 6, 2012

a day at the shore

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our team decided to spend a morning on the mornington peninsula near melbourne exploring the beach and climbing on the rocks. we got a little too ambitious and decided to climb all the way around the peninsula but after a few hours of exhaustion and frustration, we discovered the rocks turn into steep cliffs and we had to turn back. despite the setback, it was still a great time of bonding and adventure

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November 5, 2012

kikki k

my favorite store i have found so far in new zealand is kikki k! while i was in hamilton, my roommate told me about this darling stationary store she thought i would like! i fell in love with the store and ended up getting a bunch of cute school supplies there! so when i found out there was a kikki k in melbourne, i made sure we visited so i could take a look around and get a new planner! the melbourne store ended up being the first kikki k store which i was super stoked about! now if only they would open a store in America…

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October 27, 2012

i love…

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melbourne may be one of my favorite cities i have ever been to! it combines all my favorite things: quaint streets, tall buildings, beautiful architecture, ample parks and a lovely waterfront.

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October 22, 2012

phillips island wildlife park

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after a crazy week of camp, our team stopped at phillips island wildlife park to see some of the local animals. it was so awesome to get up close and personal with these weird and wonderful animals. i’m still stoked that i got to pet and feed kangaroos! seriously i think they’re my new favorite animal. so cute! another highlight was getting stalked by emu (i swear they are evil) and getting to pet a joey in its mom’s pouch. these darling animals are yet another reason why i love australia!

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October 16, 2012

ccm camp


a couple of weeks back, i went with a team from my college to melbourne, australia to help at calvary chapel melbourne’s family camp. it was such an awesome week and we were all so blessed by the fellowship and the sessions we got to attend when we weren’t helping with the adorable kiddies. just looking at these pictures makes me miss everyone i met and all the fun times we had! the camp was beautiful and there were so many fun camp activities to do but it was the amazing people that really made the camp memorable!