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August 26, 2013

devon’s house

 photo HSO_8813.jpg

my friend devon is my oldest friend. we were neighbors in newport then she moved to san juan and now to laguna beach. though i wish she still lived next door like when we were kids, i love visiting the beautiful spaces she and her interior decorator mom create. i remember first visiting their laguna beach house when it was gutted and there were dead rats under the floor boards (true story) but since, the house has become a beachside paradise. i am in love with the green accents and the cute little touches like the green nutcrackers in the kitchen and the stacks of books everywhere. everytime i visit, i am so inspired to be more creative and intensional with the spaces around me.

 photo HSO_8762.jpg
 photo 88.jpg
 photo HSO_8769.jpg
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