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July 1, 2014

chateau versailles

versailles is just so beautiful. though this is my second time visiting, i was still in awe of how grand and decadent and detailed it is. growing up, i was obsessed with all things 16th century french. i would read book upon book on louis XIV and marie antoinette and the french revolution. my dream was to marry a prince at versailles and have a fairytale wedding. so when i found out that kim kardashian was rumored to be married at versailles, my 10 year old self was quite jealous. they ended up only having the pre-wedding party at versailles and we just so happened to visit the morning after the big party. on top of the history of versailles, the fact that we were standing in the same room that lana del ray performed in the night before and the lawn where the huge fireworks occurred was pretty awesome as well. another highlight was the hall of mirrors, which was closed the last time i visited. the scale is so grand, with sparkling chandeliers and gold building everywhere and i spent over a half hour just walking the hall and taking pictures. i could go on and on about how beautiful versailles is but instead, i’ll just leave you with these photos so you can see for yourself. and stay tuned for the pictures of wonderful gardens i’ll post soon.

{louis XIV bedroom}

{of course there’s a ladurée inside the chateau!}

{marie antoinette’s gorgeous room}

{lana del ray performed right here for kim and kanye’s party the night before}

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