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December 18, 2017

winter in paris: day three

On Monday, I woke up at 6am for my 9am flight like a good little traveler. I made my buses on time and was feeling pretty darn pleased with myself. At the same time, I really was devastated to leave. I decided to start looking at photos of Paris on Pinterest the night before and I kept seeing places and things I was so sad I didn’t get to do or didn’t even know existed. Two days in Paris just felt so short. So I was so excited to see my flight had been pushed back a few hours. I would still definitely make it on time to my class but that gave me time to go to Angelina, a tea house known for wonderful hot chocolate and crazy long lines. They opened at 7:30 and I was there on the dot! I was one of the few people inside which was so nice. The hot chocolate was amazing, though a bit over priced but that’s to be expected in Paris. So afterward, I decided to walk to Notre Dame to see the outside and take photos of Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, one of my Pinterest finds. As I was walking around, my plane got delayed another hour! “Oh well”, I thought, I can go to Shakespeare and Co Cafe, a new cafe that opened next to my favorite bookstore (I did a post on it here). I got a smoothie and sipped and people watched. It started drizzling and I was truly the perfect Parisian morning. Then I went to the Metro to catch my train, I got a few stops in and bam! Flight canceled!

At first, I was stressed out but they were putting us on a new flight so I could focus on the next thing at hand: what to do with the rest of my new found time in Paris. It was sad to find out the famous Colette store was closing in a week on December 20th and devastated when I tried to go the day before just to learn it was closed on Sundays. I met up with my friend Alyssa, who had a later flight than me and we went over to Colette. It was so cool and I can see how the store was the tastemaker for Parisian fashion for the past 20 years. It has so many claims to fame like being the only store Carl Lagerfield has ever said by name to shop at and for influencing Yves Saint Laurent to keep the Yves in its name. I got a mini Diptyque candle, which I know you can buy anywhere but I really wanted the Colette bag and everything was so expensive for this poor college students budget. After walking around the streets around the Lourve, we decided to use our student privilege and hang out at the Lourve because it was free and not cold and wet inside. And obviously because it’s the Lourve! I’m gonna do another post on that but it was definitely a good decision. My flight got pushed back again to 9pm, making it a whole 12 hours different so I had hours in the Lourve. Eventually, I made the long trip to the airport, feeling flu-like with exhaustion and made it on my flight, only a cool 12 hours late. Next, I’ll be posting about the Lourve, which at acres, definitely warrants it’s own post.



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