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May 28, 2014

goodbye to england

i just got back from Paris (pictures soon) and have had a little time to rest and reflect on this past semester. these three and a half months have been by far my favorite season of my entire life so far. its completely indescribable. i’ve loved every place and season God has put me in but there is something so different about york. its such a sweet, happy place with some of the best people i have ever met. i don’t think there are enough positive adjectives to describe it here but i’ll try. from the second i arrived, it felt like home. despite the cold and the new environment, there was something so familiar about it. york is a beautiful city, full of so much history and some of my best memories were taking off after class and aimlessly wandering. i found countless cute cafe and places to hang out, through which, i met some of the sweetest locals and baristas. my classes were outstanding and i learnt so much both through the teaching and the way the teachers live their lives and invested in us. most of the staff lives on campus or near campus and cliche as is sounds, we were all like a family. the students i met were also a highlight. they were some of the kindest, most loving people i’ve ever met and i’m praying we all keep in touch. no matter what though, they will always be in my heart. looking back, i don’t miss york like i thought i would. i thought there would be a stabbing longing whenever i thought of all the fun and memories i encountered there. no. instead, i look back and smile. i know it was just for a season but i’ve accepted that and am looking forward to the future while still treasuring the friends and memories i made in york. it was a huge part of my becoming and for that, i am blessed.

//york wall around the corner from my flat//
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May 28, 2014

york graduation

at the end of every semester in bible college, there is a graduation ceremony. when i was in new zealand, we would dress up and go to mongolian bbq (my second semester graduation seen here). but in york, they throw a huge party and graduation ceremony complete with an epic semester video (watch it here), lots of food, awards and an all around great time. i absolutely adore these people so this was the perfect last hoorah to such an amazing semester. a few of my close friends graduated including andie, who i went to iraq with and justin, who was my street witnessing buddy. two of my closest friends, christine and allie, had to leave before the ceremony which was a real bummer but they both live in california so i’ll hopefully be seeing lots more of them this summer. here are a few pictures i managed to catch of this wonderful night and a few of the people that made this semester so memorable.

 photo HSO_4791.jpg
{ingliv! i love this girl more than words can express. i need to visit norway asap}

 photo HSO_4830.jpg
{the graduates… thanks danielle for looking at my camera}

 photo HSO_4810.jpg
{Anniina, my finish roommate! stupor stoked that we got an extra large glass of the world’s best punch}

 photo HSO_4824.jpg
 photo HSO_4832.jpg
{boston! probably one of the most fun and funniest girls i met this semester}

 photo HSO_4787.jpg
 photo HSO_4833.jpg
{10A! minus allie but she’s there in spirit}

 photo HSO_4782.jpg
 photo HSO_4836.jpg
{Chelsay! so blessed and encouraged by her friendship and leadership}

 photo HSO_4848.jpg
{these guys are hilarious!}

 photo HSO_4851.jpg
{i’ve known josh since elementary school! he’s working at the church this summer so he randomly showed up at graduation, complete with awesome mustache}

 photo HSO_4872.jpg
{two of my favorite guys! gonna miss studying at starbucks and 1&2 samuel class with them}

 photo HSO_4820.jpg
 photo HSO_4853.jpg
{Justin! so proud of him for graduating then being offered an teaching internship}

 photo HSO_4855.jpg
 photo HSO_4860.jpg
{Amy, our dean of women who is moving to LA soon! she is so precious and excited to be seeing more of her this summer}

 photo HSO_4821.jpg
{the tattoo crew}

 photo HSO_4867.jpg
{Mari! Ingliv’s sister and my favorite person to talk theology with}

 photo HSO_4823.jpg

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May 26, 2014

coffee culture

 photo HSO_4752.jpg
 photo HSO_4755.jpg
 photo HSO_4751.jpg

coffee culture is probably my favorite place in york to hang out. the lack of internet and space make it a difficult place to do homework and the big windows and interesting customers make it impossible to attempt any kind of productivity at all but it is the perfect place to take friends, grab a coffee and chat. and one of my favorite friends to go on long coffee dates with is ingliv. she is one of my dearest friends this semester and we can chat for hours about everything from music to the bible to my fascination with norway (her homeland) and our mutual obsession with tattoos. we got to know each other because we were both placed on baking and hospitality at the church as our service this semester and the friendship has grown from there. rarely a day goes by that we don’t spend some sort of time together and i know she will be the person i miss most when i leave this place. love you, ingliv!

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May 24, 2014

me and mrs fisher

 photo HSO_4724.jpg

me and mrs fisher is a cafe i’ve been dying to try my whole time in york. i kept reading its rave reviews online and i knew i just had to go there with my friends. after attempting a few times while they were closed (who closes sunday and monday?), we finally caught them while they were open and we’re so glad we did. it is honestly one of the cutest cafes in york, which says a lot because york is chock full of quirky coffee shops and eateries. the first floor is a tea room and cafe and the second is a craft shop and classroom. the food was simple and sweet, the coffee was good but the ambiance made it exceptional. maybe it was the great company or the torrential rain but i dont think i’ve ever felt so cozy in my life. it not only lived up to but exceeded my expectations and my only regret is not finding it sooner in my semester so i could go back again and again.

 photo HSO_4713.jpg
 photo HSO_4709.jpg
 photo HSO_4729.jpg
 photo HSO_4711.jpg
 photo HSO_4733.jpg
 photo HSO_4717.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollagem1.jpg
 photo HSO_4688.jpg
 photo HSO_4734.jpg

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May 22, 2014

thursday hike

 photo HSO_4444.jpg

on thursday, though it was a little rainy, we went on a hike to picnic at the waterfalls i had visited the day before with bea and chelsay. it was a great hike but the group of people made it really stellar. we ended up laughing most of the time and despite the weather, it was one of my most fond memories of the dales.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage894.jpg
 photo HSO_4430.jpg
 photo HSO_4165.jpg
 photo 2PicMonkeyCollage55.jpg
 photo HSO_4409.jpg
 photo HSO_4181.jpg
 photo HSO_4020.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollage994.jpg
 photo HSO_4289.jpg
 photo HSO_4431.jpg
 photo HSO_4235.jpg
 photo HSO_4277.jpg
 photo HSO_4250.jpg
 photo HSO_4457.jpg

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May 19, 2014


 photo HSO_3934.jpg

aysgarth is a tiny town (if you can even call it that) between two of the largest waterfalls in the dales. i stopped by here twice while i was in the dales: once with Bea and the other time, on our big group hike. though the town is very small, it is beyond picturesque, with beauty around every corner. at the top of the hill, there is a gorgeous cemetery and church. when i visited, the graveyard was shrouded in fog and looked like it should be out of a movie. there was also a little ice cream shop and gift store that we stopped in while we waited for the rain to stop. this town was so quintessentially old fashioned english and i’m so glad i got the chance to visit twice

 photo HSO_4345.jpg
 photo HSO_3928.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollage72.jpg
 photo HSO_4331.jpg
 photo HSO_4334.jpg
 photo HSO_3936.jpg
 photo HSO_4382.jpg
 photo HSO_4341.jpg
 photo HSO_4317.jpg