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May 28, 2014

york graduation

at the end of every semester in bible college, there is a graduation ceremony. when i was in new zealand, we would dress up and go to mongolian bbq (my second semester graduation seen here). but in york, they throw a huge party and graduation ceremony complete with an epic semester video (watch it here), lots of food, awards and an all around great time. i absolutely adore these people so this was the perfect last hoorah to such an amazing semester. a few of my close friends graduated including andie, who i went to iraq with and justin, who was my street witnessing buddy. two of my closest friends, christine and allie, had to leave before the ceremony which was a real bummer but they both live in california so i’ll hopefully be seeing lots more of them this summer. here are a few pictures i managed to catch of this wonderful night and a few of the people that made this semester so memorable.

 photo HSO_4791.jpg
{ingliv! i love this girl more than words can express. i need to visit norway asap}

 photo HSO_4830.jpg
{the graduates… thanks danielle for looking at my camera}

 photo HSO_4810.jpg
{Anniina, my finish roommate! stupor stoked that we got an extra large glass of the world’s best punch}

 photo HSO_4824.jpg
 photo HSO_4832.jpg
{boston! probably one of the most fun and funniest girls i met this semester}

 photo HSO_4787.jpg
 photo HSO_4833.jpg
{10A! minus allie but she’s there in spirit}

 photo HSO_4782.jpg
 photo HSO_4836.jpg
{Chelsay! so blessed and encouraged by her friendship and leadership}

 photo HSO_4848.jpg
{these guys are hilarious!}

 photo HSO_4851.jpg
{i’ve known josh since elementary school! he’s working at the church this summer so he randomly showed up at graduation, complete with awesome mustache}

 photo HSO_4872.jpg
{two of my favorite guys! gonna miss studying at starbucks and 1&2 samuel class with them}

 photo HSO_4820.jpg
 photo HSO_4853.jpg
{Justin! so proud of him for graduating then being offered an teaching internship}

 photo HSO_4855.jpg
 photo HSO_4860.jpg
{Amy, our dean of women who is moving to LA soon! she is so precious and excited to be seeing more of her this summer}

 photo HSO_4821.jpg
{the tattoo crew}

 photo HSO_4867.jpg
{Mari! Ingliv’s sister and my favorite person to talk theology with}

 photo HSO_4823.jpg

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